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Committee details for Gennaro 100th 2018

Candidate Committee
State Representative, 100th district
SEEC registration history

Some documents in the table below may contain expenditures and receipts, which you can view in an itemized table by following the links in the expenditures or receipts column. Or you may view all receipts for all documents filed by Gennaro 100th 2018 by choosing one of these links:

Latest totals

(based on Post Primary Itemized statement accompanying request for General Election Grant)


Documents filed by Gennaro 100th 2018

This list of filing documents may not be complete.

View Form Title Period End Date Amended Receipts Expenses
Document 30 Itemized Statement accompanying application for Public Grant 07/16/2018 Amendment
Document 30 Final Weekly Supplemental Filing Primary 08/07/2018 Amendment
Document 30 Second Weekly Supplemental Filing Primary 07/24/2018 Amendment
Document CEP10 Application / Registration Original
Document CEP15 Application / Registration Original
Document OTHER Original